Global Domains International Review: My $91,931.94 GDI Story

Global Domains International
Review: My $91,931.94 GDI Story


Welcome to my in-depth Global Domains International Review.

If this is your first time here you can learn more about me when you visit this page.


In this Global Domains International Review…


I’m going to share the 14 year journey that my wife and I have been on with the company.

We’ll take a look at the products and services that GDI provide.

And we’ll also discuss the earning potential that GDI offers to people like you through their affiliate compensation plan.


Global Domains International Review

Global Domains International Review Company Logo


Global Domains International: A Brief History


GDI has been around since 1999.

It’s an unbelievably long time for an online domain registration and web hosting company.

Their mission is to provide affordable domain name and website hosting packages.

And they achieve that goal by offering a 7-day free trial and then only $10 per month after your trial is over.

My wife and I have personally used GDI’s services for 14 years and have always found them to be reliable.

We’ve also made a six-figure passive income from the company in that time, by referring other customers to GDI.

I’ll show you proof of those earnings later in this review.


Services Offered By GDI:


The flagship products that Global Domains International offer are;

-Domain Registration
-Website Hosting Services
-Up To 10 Professional Email Accounts
-Easy To Use Website Builder

-Plus Much More

GDI provides users with the option to register a domain using a “.ws” extension.

“.com” extensions are available too.

Whatever option you choose, you want to think about something that is a memorable and brand-specific web address.

Additionally, GDI offers robust website hosting solutions, ensuring that your websites load quickly, operate smoothly, and remain secure.


Global Domains International Review

Global Domains International Review Product Line


Understanding Global
Domains International Pricing Plans:


GDI offers simple and transparent pricing plans.

Which ensures that you understand exactly what you’re paying for as a customer.

Their basic package is priced at just $10 per month and includes a domain name, website hosting, and a suite of marketing tools.

This entry-level plan provides you with everything you need to launch your online business, without breaking the bank.


GDI’S Premium Package:


If you would like some additional features and enhanced capabilities, GDI offers a premium package at a competitive rate.

The package comes with advanced website building tools, personalized email services, and priority customer support.

The price of the premium package is $40 per month + $10 for every domain that you have through GDI.

For example, if you have one domain and you subscribe to GDI premium, your total monthly cost would be $50.

Becoming a premium member also increases the amount you can earn on any other premium member on your level 1, that you refer to GDI, by 14x the amount. And it also increases the commissions you earn on your levels 2-5 by 4x the amount.


Global Domains International Review

Global Domains International Review Premium Membership


Global Domains International Review

Global Domains International Review Premium Membership


Global Domains International
Review: The GDI Compensation Plan


A basic level understanding of the compensation plan is important if you’re considering taking advantage of GDI’s business opportunity.

With that being said…


The Idea Of This Global Domains International Review Isn’t To Make You A Compensation Plan Expert.


But, I do want to briefly explain it to you.

GDI use what’s known as a 5 level deep Uni-Level compensation plan, which pays out a total of 50% of all revenues received.

As a GDI affiliate you will be rewarded with a 10% commission on the revenue generated from each layer, down through a total of 5 generations, with no limit to how many “front line” (Layer 1) affiliates you may have and therefore no limit to your potential income.


GDI Compensation Plan Structure

For details about how the compensation plan works and how to take advantage of it…


You Can Register For My Free System By Clicking Here.


Which brings me very nicely onto the BIGGEST problem with the GDI compensation plan and how I’ve solved the problem for you.

See, the truth is that…


Most people never make any money with GDI, or any other business opportunity for that matter.



Because running an online business requires you to learn skills such as selling, driving traffic, creating capture pages and funnels.

And most people suck at those things.

It’s like a catch 22 situation because you can’t make money without learning those skills, but those skills take years and years to master.

Fortunately for you, I’ve been making money online for a decade.


And I’ve Come Up With A Solution To Help You
Make Passive Income With GDI, Like My Wife And I Do!


Over $91,000 In Passive GDI Income!


I’ve created a free marketing training and income system.

It’s the one I linked to above.

I call it the Profit Link System and it allows you to turbocharge your GDI earnings, by letting you plug in your affiliate link to the system.

And what that means is that you get to leverage my expertise by allowing me to make GDI sales on your behalf.

All you have to do is send people to the special link we give you for my system, then sit back while I do all of the selling and telling for you.

I also provide comprehensive training on how to harness the power of both free and paid traffic sources.

Which equips you with the knowledge and strategies you need to drive traffic to my system and ultimately your GDI link.

And yes, even if you’re already in Global Domains International, you can still use my system for free!


Here’s What My GDI System Looks Like On The inside:


Profit Link System Members Area


Now before I wrap this one up…


This Global Domains International Review
Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Me Showing You What
The Members Area Looks Like!


So, in case you’re curious…

…Here’s what you’ll see when you log in and land on the dashboard;


Your GDI Dashboard


Yes, I know it’s not fancy.

However, GDI offers great products at a great price and with great customer service.

And to top it off, their compensation plan has the potential to put a lot of money in your pocket, when combined with my system.


I Hope You Enjoyed This Global
Domains International Review


It’s an amazing company that has stood the test of time.

And the products and the compensation plan are fantastic.

In a world where biz ops come and go, GDI has continued to pay me every month, for 14 long years!

And it would be my pleasure to welcome you onboard my team and to give you my marketing system.

With that being said, here’s what to do next.


Make Your next Move Count


Step 1: Scroll back up the page and register for my free system if you didn’t do so already and you want to take advantage of the GDI compensation plan.

Step 2: Tap the link below to become a customer of GDI today


Click Here To Join Global Domains International Now! 


As always, if you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to comment below.

All the best.

Ben Martin
Creator Of The Profit Link System
aka The King Of Email
You’re Just A 10 Minute Email Away!


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